This month, we’re putting the spotlight on the calla lily! This gorgeous flower has become a staple of wedding season, but it’s a beautiful choice for any occasion.


Calla lilies are native to regions near South Africa. They are able to grow in water, and can even survive frost. The name ‘Calla Lily’ comes from the Greek word for beauty. They have come to be an extremely popular choice for weddings, but are also a great flower for any occasion that involves major transitions or starting over.


  • Calla lilies aren’t actually lilies! They were mistakenly named in the 18th century by a Swedish botanist, but the error was realized shortly after. It was too late— the name calla lily had already stuck!
  • Extremely popular by the 20th century, they became a fixture in American art, especially in the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. She painted several famous works depicting a close-up view of the flowers.

Colors and their meanings

Most commonly, calla lilies are white, but they can also come in a wide assortment of colors. The colored versions are called mini calla lilies.
White – purity, innocence
Pink – admiration, appreciation
Purple – passion
Yellow – gratitude
Black – elegance, mystery

With so many varieties of calla lilies available, you’re certain to find them a great choice to send for any occasion.